How to order. Contemporary art
How to order. Contemporary art

How to make an order:

1. Contact me about the artwork you like.
2. I will send you more pictures and videos of the painting to make sure that the colors and everything are correct.
3. Send me the deposit through PayPal. The deposit is 20% of the price.
4. I will prepare all of the documents for the painting, which include a certificate of authenticity and transportation documents (if you are outside the US).
5. We will discuss shipping details like if you want express shipping, if you want to roll the painting or not, etc. After this, I will inform you about the shipping price.
6. You send me the rest of the money.
7. I will ship the painting and send you the tracking number.
8. If upon receiving the painting you don’t like something, you can return the painting and receive your money back.